Bullying is unacceptable!

Support Call

I offer a free 30-minute Support Call: this is an opportunity to briefly discuss what is worrying you at this moment in your life.

This is a complimentary call to see how I can be of assistance and if we can work together on the issues you are presenting.  I will describe how l work, the methods used and how I can support you in any way I can in this stressful situation of having been bullied.

Everything we discuss is confidential and any sessions that may be booked after that, could lead to exploratory work helping you to transcend your difficult experience and see the bigger picture. What we do as practitioners is we facilitate you on your journey to a better life.



We all have the extraordinary within us,

waiting to be released.”

– Jean Houston

Fees and Arrangements of Sessions

  Skype or FaceTime


  • All sessions by Skype or FaceTime consist of a minimum of 90 minutes but can be extended on request.
  • I give the option of 3 sessions of 90 minutes for £112.50 per session.
  • Or the option of 6 sessions of 90 minutes for £105.00 ph per session.
  • Once you have had 3 or 6 sessions, if you would like an individual extra session as a top up, the price is £112.50 for 90 minutes – this kicks in once you have worked for 3 or 6 sessions with me and if you wish to explore further.
  • For any sessions longer than 90 minutes and pre-booked, £75 per hour for any additional time will be applied on a pro-rata basis.
  • In person

  • At Violet Sudios the sessions need to be either 1 hour, or 2 hours’ long, depending on your needs.  The price is £85.00 per hour in this case because of the renting of the therapy room (£157.50 for 2 hours).  The minimum number of sessions to book is 3 x 1 hour sessions or 3 x 2 hours sessions.
  • Or I also give the option of 6 x 1 hour sessions at £75.00 per session (£142.50 per session for 2 hours sessions).



1.  Skype or FaceTime

2.  In Person at:

Violet Hill Studios 

6 Violet Hill
St John’s Wood

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Support Call

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