Can we recover from bullying and the scars deep-rooted in childhood?

The capacity for recovering from these life scars will depend on:

The methods used by the practitioner.

The depth of the emotion attached to the bullying causing stress, social anxiety, depression or various other blocks.

Exploring the scars, the feelings attached to them and the reasons during the sessions.

Whether the person being bullied is ready to work on themselves and on their emotions.

The practitioner will go into the emotions, the negative feelings and beliefs the person being bullied has.

What happens with the emotions and negative feelings…

In the past when we expressed childhood emotions such as anger, fear, stress, we felt rejected.

Emotions can be suppressed in an attempt to avoid rejection.

What happens to the past emotions over the years is that they do not get discharged and begin to accumulate causing blockages, tension, and pain within us.

The practitioner facilitates the client to heal the unresolved emotional pain from childhood or the blocks happening during the roller coaster of life.

Awareness, Release, and Integration

We go through the process of Awareness, Release, and Integration and in so doing look at:

  • How we can see much clearer in ourselves.
  • How we can replace the lower energy blocks with higher levels of emotions and ways of being.
  • How we can learn to build resilience in our lives and working towards making sure the shock we experienced never happens again or at least lessens and eventually disappears.
  • How to experiment with solutions and strategies available.
  • Building up strength through patience, compassion and starting to love ourselves. This should facilitate being whole again.
  • How can we step back and learn from our experience?
  • Who are we?  What do we want to do in life? What is our life purpose?

Beyond the Bullying

Once we have done the work on ourselves, we may be on the journey of recovery, we have worked on the relationship with the bully and ourselves, we have had the courage to go there and that in itself makes us beautiful souls.

The next step could be:

  • To shed our ego and see beyond the personality.
  • In so doing nothing could be holding us back any more and preventing us from growing in strength and loving compassion.
  • Realize that creativity, for example, could be what we are born for.
  • Realize that we are here to achieve many things, discovering and enjoying every moments of our lives.


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