My Story

I was bullied as a child following a spurt of obesity. This profoundly affected me but the worst is that it followed me into my adult life with resonances at various levels.

I was able to just about pass my A level, prepare and pass a BA in Economics and despite all odds was able to eventually settle down into a job.  However, achieving these various steps had not been easy:  there were still times when the long term effects of the bullying I had experienced was hard to ignore.  Some negative comments made by others felt so hard to hear that it felt like “being bullied again”.

Because of how I was affected by events in my childhood, I decided to go on a 3 year spiritual course involving studies in psychology, healing, core energetics and meditation. This sent me on a transformative journey reflecting the deep work carried out during this amazing course (the method used in this course was similar, although somehow different, to the Barbara Brennan transformation model).

I learnt to look into deeper aspects of myself and in so doing developed ways of understanding and coping.

With loving attention to myself I managed to pull through and realized that my life’s work was to help people with this problem.  I started to do some research work and studied the subject.  With the background I have (3 year psychology/healing course and my therapy practice), coupled with my close study of the subject, I have been able to facilitate and support people on their journey to a better life.

I found that the same kind of “working on issues” approach as I have learnt and experienced in my therapy practice was needed to help people who had been bullied. But of course I had to add many more new elements connected to the healing process to cater for the differences.  I also found that not only bullying impacted the person who had been mistreated, but also it affected the bully and the onlookers who may have been present.

I wish all the people who are in this situation a transformative journey and the courage to “go there” and look at what happened.  When  emotions are expressed  and released it can be the start of a whole new journey towards self-enquiry, exploration, confidence and understanding.

With loving attention and support,

Bullying happened for me when half of the office started to tell lies about me and made hurtful remarks. I felt shocked, under the spot light and disheartened. I found the whole situation so soul-destroying that depression set in for a whole year.

Blandine had sessions with me. She was very attentive, supportive and showed empathy.  After a while I felt stronger as the loving and caring attention she gave me boost my confidence to move on

Surinder K

Security Guard


  • BA in Economics
  • 3 year Diploma with the School of Energy Healing (Now FIEH) – accredited by the British Complementary Medicine Association
  • Course on Bullying –  Accredited by the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists
  • Matrix Energetics and Theta Healing 

Professional Accreditation, etc.

  • Affiliated with the British Complementary Medicine Association and the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.
  • The governing body is the Foundation for Integrated Energy Healing.
  • I follow a strict Code of Ethics which assures confidentiality of information shared in sessions.
  • I am involved in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in accordance with the FIEH Code of Ethics.
  • Supervision is something every therapist and healer are involved in in order to be able to fully support you with your issues. It is also part of the Code of Ethics.
  • I am also fully insured with Balens.

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