I work with adults who want to release their fears about Bullying, whether they are going through a difficult period now or whether this experience was in the past.


Stress due to being or having been bullied by other people can be very hurtful, exhausting and limiting.  

Have you experienced this after being bullied?


Feeling deeply hurt

Being worried 

Shutting yourself off

Lack of confidence and self-esteem

Lack of sleep

I was bullied at school.  This affected me later on in life when I started working for a shop and also a government organisation, both of which were unable to deal with the problem.  I felt so helpless and deeply hurt.  After a while I learnt to meditate by deeply connecting to my essence taking me on a journey of self-discovery. My confidence was restored when I was able to stand up for myself.  Only then could I start enjoying life!

Layla J


You are not alone – there are possible solutions! 

Sunrise on the horizon!

Why is it important to get help?

Bullying can cause stress or social anxiety. Various other issues can be connected and these issues can follow us into our adult lives and affect our relationships and social development as a human being.

It is important to look at the person as a whole.

With a good listening ear, gentle support, understanding and being with you through your process, help and assistance is there.

Support Call

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